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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

As I look back over the past 5 to 6 years of the arts and music industry I feel like for anyone whos been observing just a tiny bit, there has been a noticeable shift in many things. The sound of music, with rappers singing more, to poets rapping and using music more.

What has become possible with visual media has also transcended all previous boundaries and perceptions with 'hood' rappers shooting music videos in Saudi deserts and Antarctic mountains!

The fruits of that shift are rewarding a whole pool of artists and creatives in completely revolutionary ways.

Though this shift is not new as a topic, taking the time to catch up on what this means in more detail has finally created an inwards shift within me and my own creative goal posts.

I feel like I'm part of a new generation who both have a voice and who have taken advantage of the easy access to visual technology to bring to life those words and voices. But now without need for the man in between.

Its just me writing my story and picking up a camera to show you first hand how I'd like you to see it from my eye, the same eye who perceived it.

Seeing what lives photographers like sorele and travellerman have created for themselves makes you realise theres more than one way to go if you are any form of content creator these days, especially if youre a visual content creator of any sort.

These findings and talking to other creatives is what has lead me to a somewhat paradigm shift within. A liberation. A realisation that loads of creatives you and I have never heard of are making life changing amounts doing what they love, but aren't at all under any spotlight I'd been looking under.

What did realisation mean for me?

In essence how i feel now is that its it's 100% less about being noticed by the right people, as the right people aren't who we think they are anymore.

They're not your PR person, your radio plugger or your label A&R trying to scout for the next big thing at a gig. Capturing them should never be the aim or strategy of our art without having genuine people who are already listening and interacting with you in anticipation for the release of your next thing.

The most compelling thing we as artists and content creators have is the opportunity to form a more profounding and meaningful relationship with our audiences, which is you!

Yes who, whomever is reading right up until now. For some reason or another you are here, watching, maybe even supporting, I'm not yet entirely sure because until now there hasn't been much dialogue between us. I'm sorry for that, lots of life happens between creativity lol

But this is my attempt of that, to speak to you more, those whom are already here.

To know you better, to serve you better, feed your emotions and senses more with whatever creations come through me to you.

Your feedback helps shape, evolve and inspire the more that's to come.

I've been sitting on a couple bits for a while, tracks, videos, poems.

I hope you like them.

Whatever you do, think or feel about them, dont be silent if you are here, just drop me a word and let me know.

I'm doing this for us now, no one else.

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