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Updated: Apr 8, 2019


As I sit and write this between editing a music video, planning a poetry event and letting my tea go freezing cold!

Plus wondering why I didn’t post this pic sooner of a performance @livity @popbrixton!

Multitasking as a full/part time creative can be madness!! Ah'lie?

As a Millennial in an industry where having 10 strings to your bow has become the norm to survive. The juggle between creating content for service and creating content for self love seems and endless battle where whichever side you end up on, the bill payer seems to win the majority.

Yet to be in an era where one can teach themselves a skill, or create a platform from within this thing we call the internet and earn full time sufficiency from it for FREE really is incredible!

Still, for where me and my pals are at, it’s an endless dance between creation for 'the love of it’ and creation for 'the must of it'.

So for all those pursuing the work of their hearts desire, creative or not, can I ask, how are you finding hustle right now and what's helping you with it all?

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